Grassroots Marketing

An in-depth look at how developing relationships with centers of influence in your community can improve the lives of those you serve AND grow your business!

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CMS 2024 Final Rule

Here’s everything you need to know about the CMS 2024 Final Rule. Get prepared so that you can hit the ground running this AEP. Click here for a downloadable resource.

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Veterans and Medicare

VA Coverage, Tricare for Life, CHAMPVA? What should you and your Veteran client to know to get the most out of their coverage? Join us for a Veterans deep dive!

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The Flow of a Sales Process

Learn how to master the sales process in this informative webinar where we talk about the importance of discovery, open-ended questions, and important steps to take before product presentation.

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Goldenrule / UHOne

Offer additional value and protection to your clients with supplemental products from Golden Rule/UHOne. Learn about their hospital indemnity, critical illness, and accident insurance.

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LifeSecure offers supplemental products that add value, security, and client stickiness. Learn about their product offering to see they’re the right fit for you and your beneficiaries.

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Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual has supplemental products available across the United States! Learn more about their products in this educational video.

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OEP Compliance

Wondering how to stay compliant when educating your clients on election period eligibility during OEP and SEP? Watch this educational video.

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Humana Group Medicare

We caught up with Humana to discuss available options in the Group Medicare space and to help you know how to best advise employer groups.

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Total Expert Trainings


Basic Training

Master the basics of Total Expert. Whether you’re a beginner or just need a refresher, this webinar is perfect for you.


Importing Contact Data

Valuable guidance and tips to effectively upload your contact into Total Expert.


Contact Management

Enhance your contact management skills and take your business to the next level.


Creating Print Marketing

Build your skills and knowledge to leverage Total Expert’s powerful print marketing tools to grow your business.


Sending Print Marketing

Learn how to send the impactful print marketing you’ve created via Total Expert.


Journeys and Campaigns

Learn how to automate your email journeys to deliver relevant content at the right time and take your campaigns to the next level.


Social Media

Empower your business with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the full potential of Total Expert’s Social Posting capabilities.

Guided Solutions Tools (internal only)


HUB Training

Meet the Hub. The place where you can manage all the day to day to day activities of your business, in one easy-to-use platform.

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My Guided Solutions

Enhance your business by making client enrollment, fast, easy and compliant! Learn the ins and outs of our dynamic enrollment tool.

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