Samantha GeorgeManaging Director

Samantha loves helping people. Seeing a person experience relief, joy, success, or fulfillment as a result of her service to them is what feeds her soul.

After spending over 20 years in the healthcare industry, with 11 of that being with a national carrier, Samantha knew that to truly understand our industry and help agencies/agents grow, She needed to make the leap to the FMO/Broker world.

Samantha decided to join Guided Solutions / BRP because the firm’s CORE Values align with her personal and professional values. As a people-powered firm, with a giving and gracious heart, she is both excited and honored to be here to support you through Guided Solutions.

Samantha spent over 6 years as a producing agent, specializing in Medicare; specifically, in the DSNP and Veteran’s space. She had the incredible experience and unparalleled education of being an agent during a time in which agents primarily visited with beneficiaries in their home. She will cherish those experiences, relationships and stories for the rest of her life.

Guided/BRP’s Core Value resonates most with her is Purpose. She believes purpose should be at the heart of everything that we do as human beings. Her purpose is helping others remember their purpose and supporting them on their journey to live in it.

In her downtime, her favorite experiences are time with family and time in nature. She loves hiking and exploring the amazing beauty of the PNW! She summited Mount Baker and Half Dome in June of this year.

Her family consists of her husband Rodney, two girls, Tabitha (13) and Miranda (17), their corgi (3), Layla, two cats Chloe (21) and Zoey (9), and Miranda’s bearded dragon Ollie.

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